Monday, October 15, 2007

Final Chapter, Next Book

I realize that this house project has served to propel me more completely into a green and sustainable lifestyle. Hence, the title..... Final Chapter, Next Book.

This renovation project is finished and it culminated in a public showing yesterday as one of the homes featured on the Sonoma Community Center Kitchen Tour . My home was by far the smallest and most "restrained" of the homes shown, but I was proud to hear that it had real livability and warmth. And while my friends have to be kind about my work, strangers don't. The comments I overhead from people seeing my house for the first time were gratifying. Many were astonished that the home was green because it challenged preconceived notions that they had about what a green home looked like. And I was pleased to hear how the space was incredibly well utilized and included many practical elements.

I want to share some of the final photos here. While I still intend to replace the roof and add solar, I'll take a few months off. I will use this venue to comment on more of the lifestyle choices that come with being green. So stayed tuned!

The "Great Room"

The Kitchen and Baking Pantry

The Master Bedroom and Bath


Deirdre S. Baker said...

Is that a picture of our "favorite CAT' in your baking pantry? Finally going "green" Celia. It looks great and we wish you all the best!!!!!!!!
Deirdre and Brian

The Green Guinea Pig said...


Westport Shades said...

i wish you had also posted BEFORE pictures so we can make a comparison but these are great as is. I love the skylight. In my parent's home, my father had arranged skylights to be installed in my sister's room, in the kitchen and laundry room. With the sun bearing down on us during the day, the installation of the skylights provided an alternative natural light source.