Wednesday, May 16, 2007

If Only......

The wonderful thing about the developing category of green design is that everyday a new and exciting product is introduced to the marketplace. So it is inevitable that before my house is done, I would have come across some things that make me wish I could turn back the clock. Oh well, there is always the next project to try these out in.

Some of my new favorites:

Barkskin is a lovely wall covering that can also be used for lampshades. It’s literally “bark” that does look like skin. It comes in may colors and configurations…. As many as there are trees. See room photo at right.

Caesarstone is another wonderful quartz surface material that has as many uses as granite . It’s amazingly hard and looks a lot like my favorite countertop material that I did use See it here at It also reminds me of another favorite,

Bohemian Stone Works takes concrete countertops to a unique and natural level. The end result is a really wonderful, natural look:

Slatescape is another “fiber cement” product that is quite sophisticated in its final state. Its uses are varied and very much like real stone

takes concrete to artistic levels as the fireplace photo to the right demonstrates.

Icestone is an interesting product that is very similar to Vetrazzo ( The color variations are many and it’s got a very nice feel. Makes a wonderful countertop in kitchen or bath.

Side note….. see the coordinating knobs at

They make sinks, countertops, lighting, these guys do it all. I particularly love some of their sconces fabricated from recycled metal. See photo of light and sink

Sonoma Cast Stone is right in my back yard and I think they do a fabulous job with concrete. They manage to produce fabulous sinks, pavers, furniture, tiles, surrounds. Just looking at their portfolio gives me so many ideas.

Livinglass. A friend of mine, Richard Silver, just discovered this product at HD EXPO in Las Vegas last week. He knows how much I love the 3-Form glass product and liked how I used it in this renovation. These guys take it to a new sphere. I am impressed!

Floor Gres is an Italian company and they know how to work with stone in all its permutations. Again, this stone product is very much like the Eurostone that I used and has as many applications as stone. Check it out at